Interviews and Interrogations Policy Paper

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Interviews and Interrogations Policy Paper



In the security and law enforcement industry, interviews and interrogations are a way that officers can gathers facts and information about a situation, incident, or case. For security and law enforcement officers interviews and interrogations play a key role in building and solving cases. This paper will discuss the comparison and contrast between security interviews and security interrogations, the legal issues associated with security interviews and interrogations, and finally a security organization policy on conducting security interviews and interrogations. Interviewing and interrogating suspects are two important but separate vital aspects of collecting information about criminal activity. The difference between an interview and an interrogation is that security professionals conduct interviews, and law enforcement officers can conduct both. When a security officer conducts an interview, the main purpose is to collect information from individuals who may have witnessed a crime. At first, the facts are not known and the individual is not accused of a crime, and the setting is meant to be comfortable and have an open dialogue. With interrogations the goal is to obtain reliable information to provide to the prosecutor and to the judge or jury so they have an accurate account of the crime. The setting of an interrogation is formal and in a controlled environment conducted, only after the individual has been accused of a crime, and read their Miranda rights. When conducting either interviews or an interrogation, the most important thing is communication. Prior to the start of either one, the interviewee must be prepared with questions they want to ask, or other known facts about the case. Professionalism plays an important role while questioning or interviewing…...

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