Introduction to Management: Strategic Management Report – an External Environment Analysis

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Strategic Management Report – an External Environment Analysis
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Strategic Management Report – an External Environment Analysis
This essay will provide two aspects of environmental assessments undertaken on 800 Super Holdings Limited (800): a macro-environmental PESTEL analysis, and an industry analysis using Porter’s Five Forces of how 800 fairs in today’s competitive environment.
800 Super Holdings Limited
800 is a home grown company with humble beginnings in 1986 before its IPO offering and listing on the SGX-Catalist on 15 July 2011. An established integrated environmental solutions provider, 800’s business lies in waste management (WM) and recycling, cleaning and conservancy; and horticultural services. With its broad range of services, 800’s customer base is diverse and ranges from municipals to the industrial, institutional and commercial sectors (800 super, 2015). 800 has posted healthy profits year after year, with FY2014 revenue increasing 17.9% to S$115 million and net profit after tax improving 57.1% to $9.1 million (Chairman Statement, 2014); as of HY2015, revenue has already increased 95.4% to S$12.3 million, pushing current net profit to S$4.6 million (800 super, 2015). 800’s recent prominent deals include a Ministry of Home Affairs S$38.6 million three-year contract for cleaning and horticultural services in the East and West regions (shareinvestor, 2015). Winning two out of eight integrated public cleaning (IPC) seven-year contracts in the North-west and South-west regions of Singapore to the tune of S$302.2 million; receiving one out of only four NEA-approved solid waste management provider licenses and getting re-contracted another seven-years for one out of six public waste collection (PWC) tenders in the Ang Mo Kio – Toa Payoh sector worth S$160.6 million. Other key milestones in the last five-years include the Enterprise…...

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