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Mark Martin
103 ENGL 1001
Dr. Chege
28 October 2014

“Is Affirmative Action Still Relevant In 21st Century America?”

My topic is Affirmative Action, which is discrimination, and whether or not it is still happening in 21st century America. I am interested in it because I am interested in history and Affirmative Action is a big part of this country. Any other people who are either curious about Affirmative Action or anybody that likes history in general I think would be interested in this topic. I’m so invested in this topic that I want to research it is because like I said earlier, I like history and Affirmative Action is a big part of this country whether you agree with it or disagree with it. Now, my research question is, is affirmative action still relevant in 21st century America? My chosen topic relates to the course theme of Justice because Affirmative Action is not fair or equal. It’s being in favor of one person over another because of gender or skin color and that’s Justice because it’s not right to do that at all no matter what. I am connecting the idea of Justice to my topic because I’m going to talk about how it was in the past, how and it’s happening right now, and how we can end it for the future. I’m going to talk about how it shouldn’t happen in the first place and how people are trying to stop it to bring equality to everybody and bring Justice to the matter. My question is significant because this is something that is huge in the history of the United States. It’s basically been around since the very beginning and it’s still happening this very moment all around the world and not enough people care enough to end it once and for all. Its 2014, not 1963, so I think it’s time to end it. So that’s why the question is…...

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