Johnny Manziel Chooses Ssg, Maverick Carter's Lrmr as Representation

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ESPN's Sam Khan Jr. later reported the date Manziel is expected to make the announcement: "Manziel is expected to make public his decision on his football-playing future Wednesday, two sources with knowledge of the player's thinking told on Tuesday."

Gil Brandt of is reporting that Manziel has already submitted his papers for inclusion in this year's draft class:

On the marketing side of things, Rovell noted how much Johnny Football admired LeBron and felt the two were in the same boat, to a certain extent. Thus Carter, James' childhood friend, would be the perfect marketing representative for Manziel:

Manziel said he befriended James when he was being investigated by the NCAA this summer for signing autographs for memorabilia brokers. Manziel told "The Dan Patrick Show" last month that the two would text each other every day during that time.

"Everyone was coming after me and there was so much criticism," Manziel said. "I feel like LeBron deals with that every single day of his life."

A source close to the negotiations over Manziel's representation told that Manziel had always admired James' off-the-court business empire. Manziel was seen sitting courtside with Carter for the team's game against the Golden State Warriors last week.

Manziel's choice of SSG isn't much of a surprise either, as it leaked back in December that Manziel would sign with the agency, per sports business reporter Darren Heitner.

The Houston-based sports agency has plenty of football expertise, as Forbes listed SSG as the 10th-most valuable NFL agency in 2013.

Perhaps SSG is best known for being Geno Smith's former agency, as the New York Jets rookie terminated his relationship with SSG shortly after the 2013 NFL draft.

As of Jan. 6, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner was still undecided on whether he was going to forgo the final two years of…...

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