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In addition, at least 2 theories, concepts and/or discussion points from the chapter must be briefly discussed in an effort to connect concepts from the ISO chapter to the student reflections
Exercise 1-H (Reflection/Action Plan)
This chapter focused on self-awareness – what it is, why it’s important, and how to acquire and increase the degree to which you possess it. Other elements that comprise the self, including personality, attitude, and emotional intelligence, were also discussed. Complete the following worksheet upon completing all reading and experiential activities for this chapter. 1. The one or two areas in which I am most strong are:
Self-awareness is one of the key concept to boost self confidence in ourselves and also to encourage ourselves to face the outer world, person, situation and other things. The areas which I’m strong on when it comes to self-awareness would be attitudes and also personality. Attitude which I possess in my personal life and in professional life differs according to the surroundings. In my personal opinion attitude is an easiest way to judge a person. The way we perceive things and reflect towards certain issues, person, situation matters the most. Taking care of our attitude helps ourselves to improve the relationship built with others such as family, friends, colleagues, manager and so on.
Personality is another area which I hold strong to. Personality also plays important role in our daily life, it determines how we interrelate and respond to different people and circumstances. 2. The one or more areas in which I need more improvement are:
I need to improve my self-monitoring area as well as perception corner. 3. If I did only one thing to improve in this area, it would be:
Self –analysis time to time to improve the area mentioned earlier. 4. Making this change would probably result in:
If I able to…...

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