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|Course Title |BSHS/305 Historical Development of Human Services: An Introduction |
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Team Members/Contact Information

|Name | |Phone | |Time zone and | |Email |
| | | | |Availability During the Week | | |
| | |xxx-xxx-xxxx | |(e.g., AZ “Mtn Time”, Mon-Sat 9-11pm) | | |
|Pamela Romero | |480-393-6478 | |Available Mon-Sun 8am-11pm | |PRomero25@outlook.com |
| | | | | | |p.italiana22@gmail.com |
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...ADR for a learning team ADR can be a less adversarial and hostile way to resolve a dispute among the members of a learning team. This can be an important advantage where the members have a relationship to preserve. ADR can help them find win-win solutions and achieve their real goals. This, along with all of ADR’s other potential advantages, may increase everyone’s individual overall satisfaction with both the dispute resolution process and the outcome. Disagreements within the team that are subject to the ADR clause are: • Non-participation or absenteeism of a team member. • Not respecting team members to include diversity of the team. • Unethical behavior such as plagiarism. ADR Process All disputes that arise within the learning team that cannot be resolved 24 hours after the dispute will enable the ADR to occur. The dispute must be in reference to members’ disregard for the rules and regulations documented in the learning team charter. Personal conflicts that arise between team members will not initially be subjected to be resolved through ADR. However, in case when members’ personal conflicts within the learning team impacts and disables productivity and efficiency will facilitate the ADR process. There will be two ways of facilitating an ADR in the event of a dispute • Mediation - The have to participate in a mediated negotiation with the... Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clause for Learning Team can be......

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