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Some people think that we learn our most important lessons in school. Others think that the knowledge we acquire outside of school is the most important. Which view do you agree with?

Every day we gain knowledge from many sources like lessons in school or experience from outside of school. Manny people prefer to gain through life, but I would rather learn from school lessons. I think getting knowledge from lessons in school is much easier and secure.

Starting with advantages of lessons in school, I say it’s much easier to learn because the lessons are taught by trustworthy teachers. For example, my math teacher used to spend half of his period explaining the solution to a difficult exercise for me until I understood. Without him, maybe I never understand the solution. Besides, the knowledge we get from school is always secured. Therefore, there’s no need taking risky mistakes to verify the knowledge again.

On the other side, getting knowledge from outside of school is really risky and time-consuming. For example, in order to learn how to run a business, in case of having no former lessons, one needs to try several times, and makes several mistakes before being successful. However, the process itself really takes a lot of time, and if mistakes during the process were too severed, one might not recover to continue.

Many people argue that schools only give us theories some of which are impractical, and useless, while all the knowledge gotten from outside of school can be applied right away. Now schools provide us with plenty of opportunities to apply what we learn into our real lives. For most schools have charity events that teach us to be giving and less…...

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