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The United Republic of Tanzania is made up of two formerly independent countries, Tanganyika and Zanzibar, which united in 1964 to form a new nation called Tanzania. The two halves of the republic have somewhat different evolution and system of local government. The local government is divided into urban and rural authorities both on the mainland and Zanzibar.
On mainland Tanzania, Urban authority consisted of city council, municipal council and town council, whereas included in the rural authority are district council with township council and village council authorities. District council coordinates the activities of the township authorities and village council which are accountable to the district for all received for day to day administrations. The village and township councils have the responsibilities for formulating plans for their areas.
In Zanzibar urban authorities are made up of town councils and municipalities, while rural authorities are made up of town councils and municipalities, while rural authorities comprises of district councils.
Local government means district authority and urban authority. Urban authority means town council, municipal council or city council. And district Authority means district council a township authority or village council.1
Asset Management; Refers to the situation where a center providing the required services in a cost effective, efficient and transparent manners, which can be achieved through management of the asset’s life cycle.
Assets are defined as the resources controlled by the entity from which future economic benefits or serices are expected to flow.2 Local government own a number of assets which must therefore be managed and utilized…...

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