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What does the term literature mean to me?
To me, literature is used as a type of healing. Literature is a collection of writings. Literature may be factual, gathered to educate and support further learning. It may be fictional, providing expression to the creativity of the author and allowing the reader personal interpretation to the recorded words. It also may be presented in forms of, novel to poems to short story to plays. It is an opportunity for me to enrich my life by sharing in thoughts and wisdom of others.

What makes something literary in my own mind?
What makes something literary in my mind, is any material providing fact and as far as any book it needs to hold my interest and be able to make me involved in the characters in the story. Our text asserts that there are six areas that literature contributes to our lives: Restoration, of the past, simulation of imagination, glorification of a common place, perturbation of emotion, upholding of a vision, and observation of human nature (Clugston, 2014).

If literature means different things to different people, who defines what is and what is not literature?
I believe the individual defines what is and what is not literature. Everybody has their own opinion on what is good and what is not good.

What kind of reading engages/interests me? What about that writing draws me in? Do I find meaning in reading certain writing? If so, describe the satisfaction drawn from the process. How do I read?
I have always liked nonfiction and poetry that deal with a variety of issues. The kind of reading that I enjoy has to engage me into the story; it has to make me imagine what the character is going through. I love to get lost in the story and absorb each and every detail on each page as it relates to the story|Imagination-is the human power that shapes artistic expression, it enables a writer’s work to become an…...

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