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Short summery:
Rob is out bike cycling with his father, Rob gets very tired but his father keeps pushing him, as he is very focused on Rob’s conditioning. When they get home Rob is too tired to eat lunch, which concerns his mother. Rob had been to the selection for his school’s football team, but he did not make it. Rob told his father that he instead got selected for the school’s boxing team. Later, on the night before Rob’s first boxing game he got sick. Rob’s father called the school and found out that there were no boxing team, which means Rob had been lying.

The relationship between the parents and Rob:

Both parents love their son, and they both want what they believe is best for him, but here they disagree. When Mr Willison was young all he did was studying, because he had this constant fear of unemployment and insecurity. He never got the chance to develop his physique, and that is something he regrets. Therefore he is upset with the idea of giving Rob the opportunity to build himself up physically. Mr Willison is doing a lot of different activities with Rob for example bike cycling. Mr Willions does also show a lot of interest in getting Rob at the school’s football team. Mr Willison is balancing on a fine line between pacing and supporting his son, at times he is overstepping this line. All Mr Willison wants is what he finds best for his son, but he is not able to see that Rob does not share the same interest as himself. The only activities they are doing are the ones Mr Willison decides, Rob has no saying. Rob joins his father and his activities, but he finds them very tough, he is complaining a lot, but at the same time he also wants to show his father that he can handle it. Mr Willison cannot live his youth through Rob.
Mrs Willison thinks that Rob needs loving and caring, she is very concerned about Rob and a bit overprotecting. That is…...

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