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Leadership & Organizational Behavior
Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor Lou Pearsall
Sept/Oct, 2015

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Problem Statement………………………………………………………………………………………….3
Literature Review ...3
Analysis 4
Solution 4
Reflection 4


Provide an overview of the organization and your role in it. Give enough information about the firm to acquaint an unfamiliar person (no matter how famous the company). Identify name, location, size, market segment (business line), and a brief history. Identify the essential issues, events, or actions to help frame the problem and subsequent discussion points. (10 points)
Problem Statement Identify and clearly state the problem (the leadership or organizational behavior issue that you have selected to research). The problem statement should be phrased in terms of a researchable question. For example, if a work group is not performing effectively, an effective problem statement might be "How can group performance be improved?"
A well-formed problem statement has:
Focus - the problem should be well defined and specific enough for the reader to gain a clear idea of the OB topic area and the direction of your study and research.
Structure - if the problem statement is sufficiently focused, it will provide a basis for decisions about which information to include and which to exclude from the paper. (15 points)

Literature Review

You must address at least six scholarly resources in this section. Approach this section as a mini "book report" on each of the reference sources that significantly informed your analysis and proposed solutions. Give the reader an encapsulated review of what information you found most relevant to your research. You may have…...

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