Managing Stress

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Holistic Stress Management Strategy Plan
Excelsior College

Abstract A number of personal stressors are indicated and explained with some specifics to their impact on the health of the author. A discussion follows concerning the stress of finances and the fear and anger associated with such stress. Finally, a plan is developed to describe how techniques garnished throughout the course can and will be applied as part of an overall strategy plan of stress management.

Holistic Stress Management Strategy Plan
The Stressors It would be an interesting study to be able to record a week of my life, from the point of view of exactly what I see, hear, say and feel (physically and emotionally), and then review the movie and have an accurate picture of what the major stressors of my life are. There was a time in my life when I would realize that my mood had gone south, and when asked what was wrong, I would honestly answer that I did not know. Was it that my dishwater just leaked out of the sink? Was it that garbage needed to be taken out? At that time in my life, it appeared that trivialities like that could instantly change a good mood bad, and it took some introspection to learn how this happened. Oftentimes, there was something else lingering under the covers that was waiting for a trigger, such as a full garbage can. And oftentimes this thing lingering under the covers was as equally trivial. For example, if I was working in the yard on a hot day and became thirsty, I might ignore that thirst for the sake of finishing what I needed to do. Then some small event would trigger my mood swing when in hindsight I realized that had I taken care of the issue of my thirst, this mood swing may not have happened. But not all of life’s stressors are a combination of unfulfilled physical needs or some trivial issue. More complicated and significant stressors can lurk…...

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