Marijuana in the U.S.: a Failing Prohibition

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Marijuana in the U.S.: A Failing Prohibition
Recently two of the fifty states passed state laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Not only do the new marijuana laws conflict with the national law that marijuana is illegal but the new laws have put in question how states are able to pass laws that directly conflict with national laws. Although each state has the right to govern and create laws never before have any states directly disobeyed national law with the passing of state legislation. Prior to the new laws passed by Colorado and Washington 18 states and the District of Colombia had already passed laws allowing the use of medicinal marijuana. The District of Colombia and the other 18 states have acquired incredible amounts of tax dollars due to the medicinal marijuana causing many people to question whether the national government should continue with the prohibition over marijuana. Not only will the national government receive tremendous amounts of tax dollars, the government spends too much money fighting marijuana use and marijuana is also safer than other legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs. Therefore marijuana should not be illegal in the United States.
Although government expenses are high, and the predicted tax benefits are tremendous many people are still very strong supporters of the prohibition of marijuana. Even with government regulated substances such as tobacco and alcohol killing large amounts of people each year the legalization of this illicit drug receives many critics. Part of this criticism may be because marijuana is always described alongside crack, cocaine, and heroin which are a lot more serious illegal substances. The opposition to legalizing marijuana argues that if America allows the use of pot than other illegal drugs will be put to medical or recreational use next due to the relaxed attitude…...

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