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Lord of the Storm, Part 3
In today’s story, we have a religious leader and an outcast
Both have to overcome social stigmas to come to Jesus- both have to choose faith over fear

Tell the story: Mark 5:21-43
Central truth we can learn from today’s story:
In moments of desperation: God is there listening and responding even if it’s not on our timetable

Let’s look at these two people: Jairus and the nameless woman 1) Jairus’ desperate situation
Leader of the synagogue- had declared Jesus to be public enemy #1
So Jairus coming to Jesus shows his desperation- this probably will cost him many of his friends and maybe even his job, but he doesn’t care because his daughter is dying
We know from Luke’s account that this girl is his only daughter- she’s 12 years old- so they’ve had 12 years of joy together and her life is about to begin- in this society, 12 was when you might get engaged and should’ve been an exciting time, but she’s sick- she’s dying. She needs Jesus. And so does her father.

2) Woman’s desperate situation
Woman is complete opposite of Jairus- she was a social and religious outcast because of a disease- most likely a uterian cyst- that has caused her to bleed for 12 years- so she’s had 12 years of pain and disgrace- in this society, she didn’t have a life because of her illness
OT law said she was unclean so that means she couldn’t partake in any religious ceremonies at Jairus’ synagogue. But it also meant that if she was married- she couldn’t have sex with her husband and if she wasn’t married, she probably wasn’t going to get married because she wasn’t supposed to be touched
Not just sexually- any touch. That means no one hugging her as an act of consolement- she is completely isolated and bankrupt- no family, friends, contact, no way to earn a living

The Talmud, which is an interpretation of the OT, gave her 11 possible…...

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