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What is Marketing Intelligence?

Marketing intelligence

This can be information gathered from many sources, including suppliers, customers, and distributors. Marketing intelligence is a catch-all term to include all the everyday information about developments in the market that helps a business prepare and adjust its marketing plans. It is possible to buy intelligence information from outside suppliers (e.g. Mintel, Dun & Bradstreet, and Mori) who set up data gathering systems to support commercial intelligence products that can be profitably sold to all players in a market.

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1) LO1.1, LO1.2

A: Understand buyer behaviour, the purchase. The Decision Making Process.
As follows I have explained the main stages of the D MP (Decision making process) for the individual and the industrial purchaser. The industrial buyer goes through a similar process to the individual customer but, the process for the industrial buyer is longer due to the DMU (Decision-Making Unit) to make a purchase a more rational decision needs to be made.
Research advocates that a customer goes through a five stage decision-making process in order to make a purchase. This is shown in the stages below.
Stage One : Problem / Need Recognition
The buying process starts here with the need or problem being recognised. The buyer will recognise a problem or a need and will decide how much information is needed for the purchase. E.g. I am hungry, we need a new sofa, and I have a headache. If the need is strong and you are nearby to a product or service that will alleviate the need then a purchase would be instant if not then the process of information search would commence. In the…...

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