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Marketing realities today are shaped by forces in the society including new consumer capabilities and new organization capabilities. Technology is empowering consumers and organization in ways that are not possible in the past. As such, marketing goes beyond attracting customers, it is involving beating competitors, connecting with customers to build value satisfaction and long-term loyalty (Kottler, 2012). Hence for the IT business venture, marketing starts from internal, taking care that employee are well trained to be able to deliver value, sharing information and that will add value to the customer, ensuring that our services offering reaches our target audience and deploying projects based on best practice to delight customers, and ensuring a tightly integrated after sales support in all our projects. Below represents marketing plan for the organization.
The role of management team is very critical to sustainability of any business venture. Ability to build and keep teams together is critical to the success of any organization whether old or new. Having the right people in the right role aligning with the vision of the organization, is the hallmark of high performing the organization (Cardon, M.S., 2008). Management team play a great role in building and keeping teams together and ensuring that they perform optimally for the common goal of all stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employee, shareholders etc.
Managing a new business venture is quite different from managing a large establish organization. Hence to manage a new enterprise for rapid growth involves a leadership orientation not found different from in mature and stable environment. And to be successful entrepreneurial leaders need to understand the interdependencies required to lead a new business and learn to incorporate mutual respect, openness, trust, and benefit into their…...

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