Marriage Practices

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Marriage Practices of the Zulu, Kikuyu and Xhosa Cultures

ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GSF1418F)

June 1st, 2014

Marriage is a lawful union of a man and a woman. Its definition on all levels is characterized as contracts, a complete type of life change, responsibility and even a personal relationship between a man and a woman. In sum, marriage is acknowledged as a type of move in an individual's life. In this paper we will explore how the marriage practices are exhibited in the cultures of the African Zulu and Xhosa tribes and display how these cultures approach marriage in their culture today.
Marriage is divided in understanding the diverse gatherings in unique districts of the world. It is moreover different according to signs of marriage like the Jewish, the Muslim, the Indian, Chinese and even the Xhosa. All these social affairs have different conventions and hold arranged levels concerning this basic practice. A couple of social events even have further divisions that label their rights and social orders penetrated in these administrations (Hetherington 2001). A few people see marriage as practicable, extending from exceptionally youthful ages, to the full grown adults.
Customarily it is a transitional experience and viewed as a rite of passage. It is viewed as a method for reproduction, generally which is the greatest embodiment of marriage, and a type of renown and riches to have numerous kids. There are numerous conventional practices which are completed in different societies with a specific end goal; to give this the weight and the quality it holds in the two people who choose to enter into marriage. Marriage still holds its perspectives and responses over all levels, on the grounds that it is exceptionally critical both generally and currently. These practice demonstrations are presentations into understanding which changes…...

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