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Me talk pretty one day “Me Talk Pretty One Day” is an essay written by David Sedaris in the year of 2005. David Sedaris is an American Grammy Award-nominated humourist, comedian, author, and radio contributor. The theme of the essay is the attitude to learning a foreign language. It is an expository text about the writer’s personal experiences.
In his essay, David Sedaris writes about his experiences on learning French at an international school in Paris. With a language course that endured for only one month as the only previous experience, the 41-year old writer moves to Paris to learn the language. The essay is about his experiences at the school and with his very strict French teacher. This strict teacher tears David Sedaris down and takes all courage and self-esteem out of him because he, along with all his new classmates, can’t speak fluent French. He becomes frightened of saying something wrong, so he decides to stop doing things that requires speaking, such as going to the bank, asking directions and ordering coffee or food. He is closed off from the society.
The tone in the text is informal and casual, which is supported by the way the subject has been tackled: David Sedaris shares his personal experiences. The text is focused on his personality from the very beginning: page 1, line 1 “At the age of forty one, I am returning to school…”. The personal style of writing characterizes the essay genre. The essay is written in colloquial language and the chosen vocabulary is also informal and simple: page 1, line 15 “nerve-raking”; page 1, line 17 “rattle off”, etc.
David Sedaris uses humour and sarcasm in the text, which makes it funnier and lighter to read. He makes use of figurative language and exaggerations for describing his experiences: page 1, line 33 “…front teeth the size of tombstones”; page 1, line 16 “it’s everyone into the language pool, sink or…...

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...Me Talk Pretty one Day By David Sedaris After reading this the I saw that David Sedaris’s was very unsure of himself and his ability to speak French in the beginning. This is shown by the way he avoided people who spoke French. I also thought that David was very courageous to move to Paris to learn how to speak French and learn their culture at the age of forty-one. David Sedaris uses English and bad French so called translations when he is talking about his teacher insulting the class and phrases that he did not understand. I did see that he was trying to lightheartedly turn a hard situation into something humorous but I really didn’t find it to be humorous because I could not understand what was being said. I felt just like him in the class with the French teacher, lost and trying to piece together a conversation. To be honest, the use of the bad French slowed the story down for me. Sedaris conveys his confusion, his failures and his triumphs by dealing with it in a comedic and passive aggressive nature. It seems to me that he wanted to tell the teacher how he felt but instead he allowed her to push him so far into a corner that he wished that he could get fresh cut meat from a vending machine. He allowed her to make him not want to speak the language to the point he did not want to use it to get food. But there does seem to be a quiet strength about how he took all of the insults and continued to learn and fight through to get to the point that he......

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