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The positively best bacteria to receive when doing an unknown project

The word bacteria receives a bad connotation in the everyday world but some may not realize the importance bacteria has on a person’s immunity and health. There can be both good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria, for example, helps to breakdown food enabling the digestion process to work smoothly and absorb nutrients like probiotics. These good bacteria are often found in foods like yogurt, cheese, and sauerkraut. Best of all, good bacteria can help treat infectious diseases. A study has shown that, when injected with a good predatory bacteria like Micavibrio aeruginosavorus and Bdellovibrio baceriovorus, an antibiotic resistant bacteria was defenseless (Nordqvist, 2013). The study was created for an eye infection to see whether good bacterial pathogens would be able to fight off bad bacterial pathogens without damaging the eye or causing further irritation. The term microbiology means the study of microscopic organisms. Within the specialized area, microbiologists help to identify new organisms and how they affect life on earth. There are new organisms being discovered every day, and there could be dangers or losses without proper identification of how they live, what they do, and can they be controlled. A study was done to show the process of categorizing and identifying an unknown organism. Throughout the semester, multiple tests were performed to distinguish between the different types of bacteria and characteristics that make them standout from similar bacteria. Since microbes are the longest living things on earth, the study of microbes should be important and become a priority for many since these small organism do not have to be seen in order to kill. These microscopic pathogens can serve for the better or worse.
Materials and Methods
The first day of lab began by randomly…...

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