Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious with Mobile

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Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious with Mobile
The Article’s overview Microsoft is showing that it wants to meet mobile users where they are, not where the company hopes they will be one day. Instead of using the strategy of pushing the mobile operation system in customer’s smartphones, Microsoft turned outside the company to bolster its mobile app offerings for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system. The reason for changing the strategy is that the company has figured out that Window’s mobile operating system dominates only three percent of the market share of mobile phone, while Android occupies the largest for 85% and iOS, the second, is at 11%.
Initially, Microsoft attempted to compete with Apple and Google by buying the Nokia Company to put its own mobile operating system on the market as Windows Phone. Also, Microsoft did not make its software available for any competitors. However, this strategy never hurt any rivals, only Microsoft itself. With disappointing results, Microsoft has shifted its strategy and developed more applications and services and has brought them to Apple’s and Android’s devices.
Early last year, Microsoft released the mobile version of Office 365 applications as well as OneDrive. They work well with other cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.
Outlook is the latest application that was released in late January 2015. It is the email and calendar application for the heavy email users. Outlook is a real mobile application which consists of two applications, Acompli and Sunrise. Acompli is an email application made by a start-up company. This e-mail app was acquired from Microsoft last December for $200 million. Microsoft rebranded Acompli and released the new e-mail app as Outlook. Then in February, Microsoft acquired another popular calendar app, Sunrise, which is already included in…...

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