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Christopher Castillo-Gonzales
Principles of Marketing
September 20, 2015
Miracle Home Health Care Many companies around the world tend to be outstanding within their designated markets and/or fields. The success of any company, either public or private, small or giant, tends to be unlimited. Unlimited success is determined by many diverse factors that are ethically created in order to capture the diamonds of success and the peoples’ hearts. One of these local, and yet privileged companies is named Miracle Home Health Care. What has made Miracle Home Health Care very recognizable in Lea County is due to their: outstanding services, the uniqueness of their marketing, their marketing concept that needs improvement and a positive marketing image. Miracle Home Health care is a company that provides high quality care to disabled people in the comfort of their home. This wonderful company opened their doors in Hobbs, NM in 2003, immediately offering their in-home care to disabled people. I have personally known about this company and have met its’ founders since day 1. To be more exact my mother was one of their very first caregivers and started working with them since day 1. Their in-home care is what makes the company stand out due to the simple reason that they are one of the very few companies that offer this kind of service in all of Lea County. Besides in-home care services, Miracle’s clients may also receive aid with their everyday duties such as: medical appointments, grocery shopping and even meal preparations. As a result, their employees are a vital source to their unique marketing. Miracle’s employees tend to be highly trained and training sessions take place every month. They train their employees in order to better suit their clients, leading to a more efficient care and a better life for their clients. Keep in mind that their employees are CPR and…...

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