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“Mr. Ravioli”
In “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli,” author Adam Gopnick, a New Yorker at the turn of the twenty first century, argues about how busy and hectic our lives as adults have become in today’s society through, ironically, the reflection of his child’s paracosm of adult relationships. He begins with detailing that Mr. Ravioli, Gopnik’s daughter’s imaginary friend, is already much too busy to play with her; the friend is always either at work or on the way to an prior planned engagement he almost always could not break. In an effort to mediate any, what seemed, to be a sign of trauma, Gopnik consults his sister, that had just been published in that specific study of children and their imaginary friend. She informed him repeatedly that this was a normal tendency of children and not any kind of trauma indicator. Gopnik goes on to try and find the root influence of the child’s friend. He realizes that it is a mere reflection through the eyes of a child of the relationships everyone part takes in today: her Paracosm. He begins to highlight how progression in technology may have entered us into the social network age; but we have strayed so far away from being social-able with how busy we have become progressing ourselves into the future. He also realizes that he is not too different from his daughter in that his relationships with his friends consist of the same faults he saw in Mr. Ravioli and his daughter’s relationship. He seemed to imply that all humans in today’s society were suffering from this tendency.


I understand that many suffer with the life of being too busy, but we live in a world where over indulgence is the real problem in today’s society. I believe that he merely grazed this idea in the text. American citizens in our society suffer from over indulgence and addiction. They have created substitutes of un-happiness and…...

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