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1. Today’s Date:16 February2015
Student’s Name: Herman G. G. Steenkamp
Birth date: 26-12-1971
Home Address: Nets-Hostel
Email Address:
Anticipated date of Graduation (month year): March 2019
Marital Status: Single
Name and Address of Church that you attend: Gospel Mission Ministry.

2. Personal background:
My mother, Christina W. Steenkamp, died the in 2009 due to a heart attack in Walvisbay. My parents divorced when I was 13years old. My father re-married and has been married to my Stepmother for 31years now. I have two biological sisters Susan; she is married to Pastor Sebastian van Rensburg. They stay in Windhoek and they have two children named, Christian and Alida. My other Sister, Sharmaine is married to Pablo Carcia. They stay in Walvisbay and have three children named: Anoescka, Jonathan and Migael. We also have my stepmother’s children named: Collin and Jacqueline Williams and Anthea .I am the eldest of all the children from both sides. My dad and Stepmother are devoted Christians along with my two biological sisters and pastor Sebastian, Anoescka, Jonathan, Christian, Anthea and Alida.
I am currently living on the Nets Premises. The study environment is very good. As this help me to be closer to the library and resources needed for my studies. I went to school in Windhoek but could not finish schooling. With the help of God in 2012-2013, I finished Grade 12 in Windhoek Central Prison, with the help of Namcol the Namibian College for Open Learning.
I did an Alpha-course in 2011 and 2014, while still in Prison. I grew up in the Dutch Church (Uniting Reformed Church) in Khomasdal ,Windhoek. I was part of children’s Bible Study and Adventure group. And later on I became an active member of the Youth Ministry of the Church.
When I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, 1997, I…...

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