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Internal stake holder includes the departments of the organization which are directly affecting the overall performance of the organization. While selecting new suppliers these stake holders always focus on their department concerns and work collaboratively to choose the supplier meeting each stakeholder requirements.
• Supply chain & procurement department
• Sales
• R&D
• Purchasing

Department concerns while choosing suppliers
• Supply chain & procurement department
Supply chain and procurement department plays a vital role in the selection of a right supplier. Who can full fill all the requirements of the company timely? They look for the following major issues while the supplier selection process.
 Timely delivery of raw material from right supplier with right quantity on right time.
 Supplier should be capable enough to ensure whether the Material will help in the optimization of production process.
 Uninterrupted polyester supplies.
 Right quantity on right time.
 Lowering the time to market.
• Sales
Sales department ensure whether supplier would be able to offer solutions to decreased sales and book a market share
 Suppliers should be able enough to provide innovative solution to grab market share.
 Does the supplier will negotiate the price in order to help and achieve new market targets?

• Research & Development
R&D accesses the production capacity, processes and quality of supplies. They look for the following major issues while the supplier selection process.
 Which supplier will be supportive enough to encourage the new development in the polyester category?
 Which Supplier will be capable enough to work in collaboration to define new market trends?
 Which supplier can generate more value for Henkel.
 How Henkel can generate solution to offer competitive pricing by cutting down…...

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