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Dreaming, My Career Plan I like dreaming. When we were tiny humans and our brains were developing, we were excited about tomorrow. Our parents told us to dream, and that we could be anything we wanted to be. We started school and again our teachers told us to dream, dream big because we could be anything we wanted. In the first grade I dreamed about being a cowboy, then an Indian. As I grew and changed grades and schools, I continued to dream, it became an astronaut, and a policeman, an army man, and yes the president of the United States. Childish dreams seem impossible to become reality. Once in high school our dreams were tested, the SAT, ACT and the ASVAB. Some of our dreams became reality and we moved on, some did not and we moved in a different direction. I am in a different place now, considering I did become that army man and retired over ten years ago. I am back in school to complete a degree that will allow me to enter into and finish a second career, and so I would say my short term goal is to complete this course on my journey to graduate. In the long run, I would like to attain a job working for the US Government as a contract specialist. Location is the biggest concern with a new career. My thoughts on a location is very simple, I own my home in north Alabama and my son is buried in this area, and it is my intention to stay local in order to be able to visit his grave as often as I can. In considering a career with the government, ethics and honesty must be looked at. Even if I retire a second time from the government, that is just it, it would be retiring from the government, not as a contract specialist, and so I consider ethics, and honesty to be paramount in the successful completion of the job endeavor. As I age, I become wise. Not in all things, but in…...

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