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NR522 High Fidelity Simulation Chamberlain College of Nursing Instructor Marjorie McDonough Kim C. Gomez Spring B 2015

The use of high-fidelity simulators in nursing education has been around for a long time. Simulation is the art of science and the recreating of a scenario in to a setting that is not real is one that has been an important aspect of nursing for decades. Although the manikin Resusci Anne was introduced to modern nurses practicing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the Mr. Chase doll was initially used in 1911 for nurses to practice their skills (Burns, O’Donnell, & Artman, 2010). Computers and technology have become instrumental in the delivery of nursing education. The use of high fidelity simulators, promotes problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills development (Stokowski, 2013). As high fidelity simulation is emerging to address the 21st century, clinical education in nursing must be aligned with the current trends without compromising patient safety and curriculum. This technology of simulation will foster learning as a catalyst into the new era of learning and critical thinking needed for the evolving profession of nursing. Some debate has been raised over replacing clinical hours with high fidelity simulation. Passive learning occurs through passive teaching methods such as dictated lectures. Active learning strategies such as high fidelity simulators are usually more effective and can largely affect new graduate nurses when entering the profession. Impact
According to Stokowski (2013),…...

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