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A.I.U. university Introduction To Criminal Law offenses against the public

Any attempt to commit fraud against the public and or public trust must not be allowed to occur. When a case of fraud is exposed the victims of the case will lose trust in the way that a moral society is supposed to conduct themselves. In this case a judge used hurricane relief funds to afford an elaborate lifestyle and to take trips to the Bahamas. The judge also use this money to pay a civil suit against him for sexual harassment. The sum of twenty five thousand dollars was paid to the victim in the civil lawsuit. Though white collar crimes are not violent in nature they destroy the practice of moral conduct.
Alfortish V. the state of Louisiana
I chose to cover a case in Louisiana where a judge used over 800,000 dollars in public funds from the Horseman’s Benevolent and Protective Association. He spent this amount in a span of over four years. The judge is also in prison for 46 months for rigging an election that kept him the president of the association. He was also ordered to pay back 105,104 dollars that included the money paid in the civil suit filed against him. In 2010 the charges against the judge was defrauding the public, attempt to defraud the state and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. (Perlstein, 2013)
Federal and Local Fraud laws in this case Under federal statute 1037 subsection F: any offense that was undertaken by the defendant in concert with three or more other persons with respect to whom the defendant occupied a position of authority of leader. (Legal Iformation Institute, 2013) Though he stood trial in the state of Louisiana he could have stood trial in federal court. The judge could have faced federal time under the statute given. The judge not only used public funds he also used federal aid funds from the government…...

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