Operational Plan for a Supermarket

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The Products/Services

Food Depot will sell same products as most supermarket stores with the quality and quantity care services as any other supermarket. This includes newspapers, magazines, soft drinks, fruit juices, sport drinks, hot and cold snacks, grocery items such as canned soups, microwaveable meals, condiments, bread, auto products such as fuel additives and cleaning supplies, pet supplies, paper products, toothpaste, etc.
All products will be locally or nationally branded such as Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, Jolly Green Giant, Charmin, Stouffer's, etc.

Operational Plan

Our products and services comes from local home growers along with other distributors

Location and Site Selection There are several aspects to consider in determining a location. The store should be accessible to potential customers with ample parking. The vicinity to other businesses and traffic are both important factors. The is a desire to pay our rent for the business whether we decide to purchase or sign a lease term agreement. The final considerations in choosing our location will be based on (1) the community in which to locate and (2) the specific site within the community. Selecting a site location for a grocery store is extremely important for our success. The location for our retail operation can cause the business to become a success or failure. We would be most incline to position our store toward the high traffic area with hopes of producing a constant flow of revenue. Though, we look for high traffic area to establish our location that along will not be our main factor in generating revenue.

Legal Environment

Food Depot supermarket is a retailer distributor that will employ a staff of 100 people’s based on the size of the store in the beginning of its development within the community. Our business would corporate in the…...

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