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The case study on Nine West Retail Stores presents the typical story of a firm that has achieved tremendous growth over a short period of time and now stands at a cross roads. The industry it has traditionally been operating in, i.e. the foot wear industry has been stagnating over the past few years and in a bid to move to the next level, NWRS has to expand its core business through diversifying into unchartered territory and portfolios while trying to balance its existing structures, processes and heritage intact. At the same time, the firm also needs to analyze the existing footwear industry as the annextures attached with the case reveal an interesting trend which might require NWRS to reposition some of its brands to improve its profitability. In our analysis, we will start of by outlining the main facts about Nine West Retail Stores and then move on to focus on the three core problems it faces and the proposed solution that we as a group feel can help NWRS move on to brighter pastures.
Summary of Facts/NWRS current Structure:
Company Background: Named for its early office location at 9 West 57th Street in New York
City, the Nine West Group, Inc. started in 1977 as a manufacturer and wholesaler of women’s footwear, and by 1998 had expanded to include fashion footwear and accessories for fourteen brands, including Nine West and Easy Spirit. Nine West saw significant growth since its conception, reaching sales of $1.6 billion in 1996, which was achieved with rapid expansion in domestic and foreign markets, with significant presence in Asia,Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company created the footwear concept of, “a shop within a department store.” and strategized the aggressive acquisition of other footwear companies, including Amalfi, Easy Spirit, and Selby.

NWRS Business Model: The company operates with two separate divisions, a whole…...

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