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Organized crime was characterized, in 1994, as:
"group organization to commit crime; hierarchical links or personal relationships which permit leaders to control the group: violence, intimidation and corruption used to earn profits or control territories or markets; laundering of illicit proceeds both in furtherance of criminal activity and to infiltrate the legitimate economy; the potential for expansion into any new activities and beyond national borders; and cooperation with other organized transnational criminal groups."1
Criminals are on the go up all over the world, and their illegal activities go further than local or national restrictions. This article explores the economic penetrations of criminal enterprises to run their strongly ordered activities.
Generally, illicit activities of a conspiratorial group of criminals are known as Organized Crime (OC). Criminal actions are surreptitiously synchronized through a nexus or syndicate for making money. Structured in a pyramidal hierarchy, criminals employ violence and bribery in carrying out operations. Threats of grievous consequences are made to the targets for internal and external control in their connections.
Among the numerous types of political crimes, secret killing, violent politics, campus violence and militant actions are salient in Bangladesh. Organized crime in arms, drugs, humans, cattle, and other commodities takes place with India and Myanmar. Organized financial crimes include public sector corruption, domestic and transnational bribery, money laundering and so on. Organized social crimes include extortion, fraud, robbery, abduction, theft, etc.2

1. United Nations General…...

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...because most of the things police officers do are not seen by the public. Police association and contact with law-breakers in the course of their work bring temptation to them. This also gives them uncontrolled access to resources. Status problems are also associated with corruption. Some police officers are always underpaid to the amount of power they have. This increases their chances of indulging into corruption as a way of compensating themselves (Criminal Justice: Police Corruption, n.d.). Effects of Police Corruption Police corruption in itself is a crime and carries high costs. It detracts from the integrity of the police and tarnishes the public image of law enforcers. Corruption in the police body also protects other criminal activities like prostitution, drug dealing and other illegal businesses. Protected criminal activities are lucrative sources of income for organized crime. Police corruption can cause death. If a just police discovers the wrong-doing of a fellow police officer or his involvement in criminal activities and threatens to testify against him or her, chances of the straight officer of getting killed are high. A good example is Serpico, who was shot in the face by corrupt police officers who were against his fight against corruption. He survived and went on to testify before a commission (Pollock, 2012, p. 173). Police corruption damages public confidence, and lowers residents’ willingness to help the police (Samaha,......

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...Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper CJA 384 In this paper I will discuss and examine the term social institution. I also will explain how it applies to the world of organized crime, and how they affect the justice system. Finally, I will go over which empirical and speculative theory applies to organized crime and criminal behavior. According to " Social Science Dictionary" (2008), “ Social institutions are - Major structural entities in sociocultural systems that address a basic need of the system. Institutions involve fixed modes of behavior backed by strong norms and sanctions that tend to be followed by most members of a society” ( Social Institutions) Organized crime use these types systems to basically control the outcome of their businesses. Whether if it is their street handlers or the businesses they use to front the illegal activities they have the people that they want in place to control what they are going to do and report back to them. Keep in mind that organized criminal organizations like the mob or mafia use these types of methods to run their businesses. Use stores and local businesses to run their criminal acts out of the stores, whether it be after hours or using a secret room in the back for gambling, prostitution, or drugs. Places where these businesses are located the organization that is in that area have majority of control over the people in that area. Whether it be because......

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