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CHARTERING AN AIRCRAFT * Charter aircraft business segments * Dangerous goods – definition / precautionary actions for air transport * Definition of AOG * Two issues that can affect the pricing of a charter * Basic Functions of the International Civil Aviation Organization * Glossary
CHARTERING A VESSEL * Definition of chartered ship * Definition of affreightment * The Charter Party * Broker commissions * Know 3 of 5 case studies – the issue / the decision / the reasoning behind the decision:
Granit S.A. -v- Benship
Ehsa v Pohnpei Port Authority
Auto Holdings Ltd v Silk & Boyd Ltd
Ports Authority v Bounty Bay
Moses v MV Sea Chase * List the 4 freight markets * BIMCO * Types of charters * Chartering terms:
Both Ends
Free in and out
Seaworthy Trim

Project Cargo * Definition of the term * Understanding of the pre-qualification notice * Understanding of an RFP * Technical proposal / Financial proposal * Describe a survey company * List and describe 3 principle activities of the survey company * List elements of value that survey companies provide to the seller / buyer / financial institution

Transportation Law and Legal Liability * Definition of Common Law / Statutes * Constitution Act, 1867 * Constitution Act, 1982 * Definition of ‘Patriation’ * The Canadian Constitution: Federal and Provincial Jurisdictions * The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Definition of a Right / Definition of a Freedom * The Court System – the different courts * Jurisdiction of Federal Court of Canada pertinent to us: aeronautics and transportation; oceans and fisheries * Definition of international convention / binding in law * Hague Rules / Hamburg Rules /…...

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