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African Lemons

Tuwain Kolleh

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Introduction to Business & Technology

Professor Christine Epps

There’s a lot that goes into starting a business, especially when you are starting one from scratch. Often time’s people look at successful entrepreneurs and say that they got lucky, not knowing that it took hard work and proper business strategies to get to where that entrepreneur is. The purpose of this paper is to develop a basic premise for a new company, address-branding strategies, importance of a company mission statement, ways that company’s can positively affect their communities, proper way to price products and how to enter your company into a global market.
After contemplating on several names for my company, I finally decided to name my lemonade stand African Lemons. Living in one of the top African populated communities in the U.S gives me an edge over other competitors by branding my lemonade stand African Lemons. Us Africans are known for having each other backs no matter what African country you are from. It’s a cultural thing. We rather buy from our native people then people of other cultures. I will also be able to draw other customers with this name due to the fact that African products are usually natural, pure and without artificial preservatives. Many Americans and foreigners love natural products especially for their young ones. Naming is important to the creation of a product/ company because it uniquely sets the company apart from brands that are similar.
It gives legal protection to a brand trademark, meaning that it will be illegal for other companies to use your brand name. According to Bovee & Thill(2013) branding gives customers a way to recognize a particular product, with that recognition; customers will be able to recommend your products to their…...

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