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Statistical Analysis of the net sales of Pelican Store
The following will examine the tables that were formulated based on the data given and state conclusions on what it represents. This data was collected from a sample of 100 customers that used a credit card at Pelican Stores one day during a discount-coupon promotion.
All of the tables are categorized in different groups representing the net sales of the Pelican Store. They show the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, skewness, kurtosis, range and the 25th, 50th and 75th percentile. All of these statistical outputs each embody a particular meaning.

The first table that was constructed represented the frequencies of the net sales of the pelican store data and is simply a basic overview of sorts of the data. The mean here indicates that on average Pelican Stores customers spent over $77.
The standard deviation shows how close the rest of the individual data is from the averages and the closer they are, the more accurate the average is. The data has a standard deviation of $55.66 from the average spending which is reasonably low and it is safe to assume that the data is fairly accurate.
The percentiles show that 25% of customers spent $39.60, 50% spent $59.70 and 75% spent $101.90

The second table divides the net sales into gender groups. It shows that 93% of customers were female and the rest were male which is reasonable as this is a woman’s apparel store.
The females on average spent $79.18 whereas the males spent an average of $56.48
Female customers have a larger deviation than males of $56.89 from the average, as the males have a deviation of $30.40, which means the data on their average should be more accurate than the females.
FEMALE: 25% of female customers spent $39.80, 50% spent $62.40 and 75% spent $102.45
MALE: 25% of male customers spent $39.50, 50% spent 47.20 and 75%…...

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