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Every crime has different characteristics that make it a crime, yet one characteristic that every crime shares is a perpetrator and a victim. Rape is a big problem in the United States. Each year thousands of women and men are raped, 17.7 million women have been raped at one point in their lives and 2.8 million men. Rape is considered the most unreported crime in the United States. In the 1970’s is when major awareness started to take shape for victims of rape, such as rape crises centers, medical protocols, and laws to protect rape victims. Criminal status concerning rape differs from state-to-state, but the Federal code is nationwide. There are two different ways that rape is reported; one is through private research organizations and the second is through the U.S. Department of Justice. The NIJ conducts a survey each year to measure reported crime and unreported crime, along with the private research groups. Even then, both organizations have certain guidelines in how they obtain their statistics. With certain guidelines in place, the statistics are good, but not a 100% accurate on exactly how many men, women, and children are raped. Only small percentages of rapes are reported each year to law enforcement and it is important to continue the study of rape and sexual assault issues in the United States to properly get better control of the problem. Women and girls seem to be higher risks targets for rape then men and boys. There is little research that exists on male victims of rape. According to the Bureau of Justice, “women between the ages of sixteen and twenty four years old are at a greater risk of rape than any other females in different age groups” (NIJ, 2000). Based on most research most victims are raped by someone they know or have…...

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