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Jeffrey N. Higginbotham
The Leadership of Jim Robbins at Robbins Paint and Carpet

Step 1: The type of organization that I am using for my research and analysis is a retail sales and service company in Western North Carolina.
Step 2: I will be using choosing Leadership of the owner, Jim Robbins, as the emphasis or theme.
Step 3: There are many different research methods to use. One such method is the lab study method which is a style of experimental research. This method uses a very strict and controlled environment. Accurate results would not be likely for my research topic as it would be awkward to observe him performing his daily activities outside the workplace and in a laboratory. He would be less likely to act himself in a controlled environment. Another method to use is a type of non-experimental research called document analysis. This method will be used in moderation as it employs the use of print and electronic media, emails, blogs, etc. that my subject has published about him (Colorado Technical University 2013). I plan to use a mixed method which is a procedure of collecting, analyzing, and mixing both quantitative and qualitative research methods in a singly study (Colorado Technical University 2013). Primarily focusing on questionnaires and interviews, my analysis of Mr. Robbins will use some forms of meta-analysis (very hot in the research world right now.)
Document Analysis, Tests, and the Mixed Method Jim Robbins will be easy to gather information on by asking him to out pertinent tests and interviewing him personally as well. After asking a series of open-ended questions, I should be able to generate a better perspective about the opinions and ideas I am seeking more information on. Clients and employees of Mr. Robbins may report anonymously via questionnaire on the ways his leadership has been effective in his…...

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