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POV: Second Language Sucks
What am I doing here, this class is terrible. Why are we getting so much work, and why can’t I understand a word coming out from the professor’s mouth. Did the professor really expect us to master a second language within a few months? She did know most of us are taking this class just to fill in our General Education requirement right? Speaking of which, whose bright idea was this to make a Second Language into a college minimum requirement course. Did the school really expect us to master a foreign language within a year? I mean how many people out there really have a chance to find a second language a necessity in their life after they graduate. The people who pursue career like this probably already have a major that allows them to swim freely in crap like this. I mean if I can’t even get a decent grade in English what makes them think that I’ll be remotely better in a language that I have never even heard of until now.
What language am I learning again? Japanese, or is it Chinese. They all sounds the same too me anyway. Also I don’t think the fact that the professor only speaks in foreign language is going to help us in anyway. It only further proofs the fact that it is impossible to learn a second language within one school term. Otherwise the professor on wouldn’t be a foreigner who sounds like he only took a semester in English during his freshmen year. Is the professor still talking about the same thing or have we changed a subject already. What time is it again? When is this class going to…...

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