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Practice Essay#6:
"An effective leader of any organization—from the military to businesses to social organizations—is someone who is decisive, acts quickly, and remains committed to certain key principles
I agree with the statement "An effective leader of any organization—from the military to businesses to social organizations—is someone who is decisive, acts quickly, and remains committed to certain key principles. These traits make Militaries, Businesses and social organizations thrive. Without these traits Nations decline, Businesses would fail and social organizations could be very unorganized.
Because the Military is the nation’s strongest point, the leadership of the Military must possess decisiveness, promptly responses, and they must value key principles. If the military does not possess these traits the Nation could decline. It is important for the leader of the military to be decisive because it is up to them to decide if the nation should to go to war. If there is no cause for war and the leader of the military insists that we should go to war when there is no cause for war then it is too late. He put soldiers as well as the nation in danger. An example of this is when President Bush decided to go to war because he thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. When they realized that they were just speculations instead of facts it was too late. The nation went at war for no reason and a lot of lives were taken. The military should act quickly because the more time you take to act on something the longer the risk is. If a military leader takes their time to act it can possibly endanger someone’s life. Lastly it is important for Military leaders to stay committed to key principles. This is important because if they lose sight of key principles such as patriotism then they can lose a whole nation. It would be…...

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