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Pros of Immigration
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Pros of Immigration
“With over 11 million immigrants in the United States illegally (as of 2012), the issue of illegal immigration continues to divide Americans,” (What Are the Solutions to Illegal Immigration in America?, 2014). I feel this statement should be corrected and instead of the word “divide” it should be “unite”. Reason being is for decades and centuries immigrants around the world have traveled to different countries for the same common goal. To better ourselves and with hard work we will persue to our personal growth. Here in United States, people say that with illegal immigration in our states will have the benift to increase our US economy through additional tax revenue, the increase of money circulation, and low-cost labor. Many Americans despite immigration because immigrants come to United States soil with motivation and replace those who wont perform specific job duties. Illegal immigration can benefit us in numerous ways and according to the website, it states, “Illegal migrants who own real estate properties will be obliged to pay taxes and this will benefit the country where they go. Real estate agents including the brokers will get commission coming from the real estate transactions made between them and the immigrants. Financial & auto insurance loans will make the country’s income even higher,” (Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons, 2014). Also, giving Immigrants the opportunity and hope they will have motivation to have a normal life other than scared one. It gives us the oppurtunity to grow as a whole and fulfill the American dream rather being divided causing racism in our communities. That being said, making one right judgment and showing the possibilities of immigration to a better cause, it will have a greater affect to eliminte illegal…...

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