Professional Culture Groups

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Professional Cultural Groups
Brittany Mayfield
Kaplan University
December 2, 2014

Author Note
This assignment will describe in detail a cultural group in my desired field.

In this report, I will include research on cultural groups in the Management field. As well as an interview with my current Human Resources Manager.

Professional Cultural Groups

Cultural Groups1 Employees everywhere have in some sort of way adopted several characteristics from their work colleagues. For example in most professions, the individuals that are employed are all wanting to excel in their profession. Unbeknownst, they adopt similar values and behavior patterns as their peers. It’s true that work places consist of many different professions, and roles. These differences also include diverse cultural groups, such as: Historical factors, social classes, beliefs, values, attitudes, and etc.
As a Sales Accounting Administrator, I am constantly working with different departments. These departments include: pricing, sales, accounting, customer service, and human resources. Although, I love the variety of my job. One day I would love to rise to other levels in my career.
However, I have learned that within these different departments you work with a variety of people. These individuals are from different backgrounds, have different goals, along with many other things. For example, the pricing department is small, and the individuals that work within that department are very family oriented and are extremely close with one another. The sales department is more male-dominated, professional, and can be extremely busy at times. With the accounting group, this is another professional group who can be defined as very poised and strict. They’re not very close knit as the pricing department but there is only a few of them in their department.…...

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