Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper

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Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper
Business Management Research Associates (BMRA) teaches Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) certified courses and elective courses to various agencies worldwide. While BMRA is quite a small company, there is always a need for project management. I have not always been able to lead the projects; I have been a part of the project team to get the work completed, more like an assistant to the project manager. A project that falls under this scope is the one involving the DAU/FAI certification of course materials.
The DAU/FAI certified courses offered by BMRA are set to expire this year on September 30, 2015. From October 1, 2015 forward, the expired courses are not valid for credit for students. DAU replaced the expired courses with new ones. The project’s primary goal is completing the certification process for all the required courses before the September 30, 2015 deadline both within time and budget for the company. The DAU/FAI certified courses are BMRA’s primary source of revenue, therefore making this project of the utmost importance. The courses affecting BMRA are listed in the chart below.
Previous Course (Expired) Replacement Course (New)
CON 215: Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support CON 280: Source Selection and Administration of Contracts
CON 217: Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques CON 270: Intermediation Cost and Price Analysis
CON 218: Advanced Contracting for Mission Support CON 290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques
CON 353: Advanced Business Solutions for Mission Support CON 360: Contracting for Decision Makers

According to the text, a project is defined as, “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result” (Larson & Gray, 2014). The process of reviewing, editing, and submitting the…...

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