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The Gigantic Identification Project
Aadhaar is the ambitious government project mounted on massive scale at a huge budget that promises to change the face of social sector in India. It is the project of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched in 2009 with the responsibility of producing and distributing it. Aadhaar is a twelve digit unique identity number which will be issued to every Indian resident (1.2 billion) and provide an easier access to the social benefits from the government. “It will ease and fasten the process to get a scholarship, bank accounts, LPG connections etc.” says UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani. For this, demographic details (residence address) of a person and biometric information (photograph, iris-scan, fingerprints) are collected by the operator which gets encrypted and are stored in a centralized database.
It is not a compulsory approach instead, it is voluntary based. It is valid for the whole life of an individual and is free of cost. The objective of this project is to bring transparency and accountability to the system by plugging in leakages and thus leaving no space for ambiguity. The main idea is to reach out to those poor and unprivileged people and provide them with direct cash and benefit transfer so that they can easily get access to important documents like passport, ration card, driving license, voter id, mobile connection and pension.

This project is in the middle of execution and closing which involves status reports, changes, quality, forecasts, transfer documents, evaluation and release of resources (L. Nickerson, Project Management for HR [PPT Presentation1, slide 13] September 9th, 2015). By April 2015 the government had spent around ₹5,630 Cr on this national scale project and generated around 81.78 Cr Aadhaar numbers, covering 67% of population according to UIDAI. There was a tremendous…...

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