Project Plan Proposal Part One

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Project Plan Proposal Part One PM/586 Project Quality Management
January 20, 2014
James Aiken

Project Plan Proposal Part One
The selection process that this Georgia- based Head Start Program holds the focal point of this project proposal. As of the moment, selecting the beneficiaries of this project or program is based on a lottery system. In a circumstance where your child is selected, they are then permitted and encouraged to attend the head start program at no extra cost. On the contrary, if a child is not selected in the lottery, he could still join the program; but his family will be obliged to pay for the program at its own expense.
This proposal aims to design a head start program that is all-inclusive and free. This points out to a program that involves all children in state of Georgia where it is originally headquartered.
Project Approach and Methodology Used Essentially Project Management is characterized as a well- structured and planned approach towards efficient implementation of the set of activities intended for the entire project (Mutt, 2010). To be able to perform this paper, I prefer to utilize traditional approaches such as initiation, design or planning, execution, close monitoring and generalization after completion.
Project Scope
Many families claim that, no doubt, their children have the desire to attend the program but lack the financial potential to pay for it. It can be noted that kindergarten years serves as the gateway to success among children. In fact, this is the start of their career; therefore, they need to be prepared for that. Preschool provides a miniature community.
This research project aims to unveil the different factors that might influence the result of the study. These risk factors include the incorporation of change management as well as communication plan. Consequently, the scope…...

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