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For something to be consider alive it must meet all nine of the properties of life. The first property of life is order. Order is when each structure or activity lies in a specific relationship with all other structures and activities (Hopson, 2011). The next property is metabolism; this is when an organized chemical breaks down molecules to make energy and needed parts (Hopson, 2011). Motility is the third property; it allows the organism to move themselves or their body parts. Responsiveness allows the organism to react to the environment it is in. Reproduction allows the organism to make others like it, this is the fifth property. Development is when the organism makes progressive changes result in an individual acquiring increased complexity (Hopson, 2011). Heredity is the sixth property; this is when the parent organism passes genes to their off spring. Evolution is where organisms change over time, acquiring new ways to survive, to obtain and use energy, and to reproduce (Hopson, 2011). Adaptation is the ninth property it is where the organism adapts to their surroundings to be able to survive.
Some of the nine properties do relate to viruses, prions, and viroids, they are not consider to be alive. We do not consider them to be a live because they are not responsive and passive. Their existence all depends on the cell that they encounter. Viruses, prions, and viroids are not considered alive yet the do evolve. Depending on the cell that they encounter depends on what they do. This also happens very fast. The “evolution” of the viruses, prions, and viroids all depending on how the cell they attach.

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