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Return-on-Investment Incentive: o Measures how effectively each branch used its invested capital to earn a profit.

o Managers paid in direct proportion to their effective use of assets placed at their disposal

o Emphasis: to increase the return at any level of investment, high or low3. Limitations on ROI

o No incentive paid to managers below 5% before federal taxes

o No additional incentive will be paid above %20

o No payments will be made in excess of $50,0004. Calculation on ROI incentive

o Exact incentive amounts cannot be determined if illustrated using a graph. However rough estimates can be determined (Exhibit 2)

o Exact amounts can be determined by following these steps:

1. Subtract 500,000 from the last 6 digits of investment if they are above $500,000

Example: investment: 8,763,750ROI: 7.3%=(763,750-500,000)= 263,750

2. Divide the number in step 1 by 500,000

Example: 263,750/500,00= 0.5275%3. In the 1% column in Exhibit 2, take the difference between the next highest investment and the lowest investment.

Example: high investment: 8,500,000 $2150

Low investment 8,000,000 $ 2100 Difference: $50

Problems with current compensation plan:

Some major problems that came to my attention were that capping the ROI amounts could result in branch mangers not performing at their optimal levels. ROI is a short-term measure and is significantly influences managers to make decisions only considering short- term advantages or disadvantages. Agency costs also seems to be a problem, this occurs when managers pursue their own interests instead of the Divisional managers. Since the compensation measures a period of one year, managers may be more likely to decide on crucial investment purchases or disposal on a short-term…...

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