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Fb quotes every man to a girl we couple up couple up
Application forms acceptable
Chance of marrying ua current gf are very minimal bt mine its granted
How do I forget it ive tried ma bst
At tyms we assume dat past is history bt at tyms it determines awa future
Respect is all I deserve
The btful ones are nt yet born muache maringo ndogondogo
She’s the one…hawesmek
Gettn the so calld ryt ones taskes tym n effort
Me get gal easy fk dem easy dem follow me like twitters
Is dumpin a cure really
Opportunity comes once in lyftym so don’t waste chance
Character is beta than physical outlook
Our past is not history bt forms basis of whom we r today
Neva trust them so much that u loose trust in uaself
That one thing u wish u wud change in them
Ive liked many bt loved few
The bst woman to marry ni illiteratres
No rltshp is smooth we all got ups n downs
Hehe aty mtu anaringa na shimo ya kukojoa
The gal says that she wants me n anywhere she see me she a give me da punanny
Im the one man she wants
Those simple small things we assume that kills love
At tyms gals do things that fuel up bn played upon
Rltshp are not for the poor
Wat I fear most is to hav a disturbin wyf in future
Id beta b single than hav a disturbin patner
Givin samone all ua luv is a grt risk to ua life
Guys wat are the signs she no longer wants u nkaange rada
Bitches aint loyal
Nduatz can I be ua gal
Love isn’t wat the mind thinks buh wat the heart feels
The quality of your thinkin determines the quality of your life
Resistance is futile
Classy gals don’t have tattoos no one will intentionally scratch a Mercedes so if you got one you are a probox
It always seems impossible till its done
Beb kwani we ni mpesa agnt coz leo ntaeka nan toe
Am not a looser so if u win ma hrt count uaself lucky
Theres a God in heaven who neva 4sakes tose who trust in Him
What does not kills u…...

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when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little, 
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