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Building Organizational Capacity through Succession Planning
(MHRM - 6645 - 3)

Walden University
Trenesa Smith
MHRM- 6645-3
March 29, 2015
Professor: George Stieber & Wanda Gravett

This paper identifies the advantages and disadvantages of the 360-degree assessments in succession plans. 360 –degree assessments is comprehensive performance evaluation tool that allows multi-raters, peer groups, co-workers, supervisors to provide feedback regarding an employee’s performance. This information is typically requested by a next level supervisor or manager of whom the employee reports to. 360 reviews emphases on the skills and contribution that an employee makes. The goal is to provide a balance of how others view the employee’s contribution, which includes performance, leadership, interpersonal communication, teamwork and management skill, personal vision and accountability (Heathfield). We will determine if it’s beneficial for Bank of America to use the 360- degree assessments based on this week’s findings.

Analyzing 360-Degree Assessments
There are many positive aspects to 360-degree assessment feedback such as improved feedback from more sources, promotes team development, it helps teams work more effectively together. 360-degree assessments also promote improved customer service. 360 degree feedback has been known to be one of the best methods for understanding personal and organizational development needs. Furthermore, various employees feel 360 degree feedback is more accurate, more reflective of their performance, and more validating than previous feedback from the supervisor or manager alone. This makes the information more useful for both career and personal development. According to ASTD, 75% of these companies provided individual development plans, and 33% provided 360 degree feedback for most of their employees in 1998, compared to 50%…...

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