Rehabilitated Drug Addicts Can Return to Normal Life

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Outline 1. Introduction 2. Body * The rehabilitation program being short * Lack of a transition plan in place * Effect of family or peers * Lack of willingness by the individual * Presence of an undiagnosed disorder * Lack of follow-up 3. Conclusion

Rehabilitated Drug Addicts Can Return to Normal Social Life.
Drug and substance abuse and addiction is a colossal issue today. Hanson and Ventulleri recently noted in their research on marijuana that there has been a rise in its use among teens as at 2013(6). Drug use has devastating consequences including stress, health problems and addiction that has necessitated Government agencies and National Drug societies to establish measures meant to help drug addicts conquer their addiction state and enable them lead healthy lives. Treatment programs aim to suppress the urge for cravings and effects associated with withdrawal. However, despite these efforts, little has been achieved as many of those who undergo such treatment programs relapse into their chronic addiction state (Leavitt 154).
Treatment aims at lowering the possibility of relapse. However, this has not always been achieved. Because of the increasingly high numbers of addicts going back into drug use, questions have been raised about the reliability of the methods used. While addiction can be successfully managed just as other chronic diseases, there exist several factors that hinder the process of restoring addicts to normalcy.
One of the reasons that hinder success of rehabilitation program is that the program may be too short. Take, for example, the 30-day program. This time is inadequate to physical stabilization of the body. This period needs to be extended preferably to a 90-day program, which has been noted to be effective in adolescents. The aim here is to enable the body adapt…...

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