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ART101 Lecture Response
Oscar Tuazon
Date of Lecture: 4/28/15 1. Prepare an informed question (based on your readings) for the lecturer (have this question ready prior to the lecture).
Have you ever designed an art structure on the point? 2. Where does the lecturer live?
Oscar Tuazon is a Los Angeles based artist. 3. Where did they go to school, what degrees have they earned?
Oscar Tuazon went to Deep Springs College and the Whitney Independent Study Program. 4. Do they earn their income from the work that they do? Or do they also have a Day job?
Oscar Tuazon is solely an artist and he earns an income from his work. 5. Describe the lecturer’s work.
Long blocks of wood are buit into a structure that outlines geometric forms. Most of the structures are massive and steady. 6. What ideas, concepts, or themes does the lecturer address in their work?
Oscar Tuazon draws attention to the volumes and exterior dimensions we tend to overlook daily. Line plays a strong element in his work. 7. Quote or paraphrase three things that the lecturer said, and explain what interests you about each one.
“Line forms all structures.” Line is a powerful element in art, to create something you must start with a line.
“My work always changes.” Change is great at most time, because experiencing new things is interesting and various styles can be beautiful.
“Pinewood is my best material.” Choosing the right materials is essential in art, pinewood can fill a large space for a cheap price. 8. Were you interested in their work? Why or why not?
Some of his sculptures are quite interesting because they seem to have a similar durable and strong character. However, since the sculptures are so large in size, I do not seeing anyone adding Tuazon’s work inside their…...

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