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Research has shown IQ test are not as effective for determining the overall knowledge of an individual. New studies have shown people have different Learning Styles that affect their knowledge. Three of the most common types of Learning Styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
There is an assessment you can take at this by Education Planner. The website is It will help determine your learning style. After taking the assessment, I found my learning style is Auditory. I learn best when I listen to lectures, audio books, audio conferences, and panel discussions.
After reviewing Learning Style Study Tips at Whiteman College website. I found there are several resources I am able to use to improve my study skills. I can try using a tape recorder for lectures and discussions instead of writing down notes. In order to make sure I am writing correctly. I can read my sentences out loud as I am writing or have a study partner read what I written out loud. I can also talk out loud while I am studying, to make sure I understand concepts. I can ask myself a question and answer it while preparing for a test.
In conclusion to all I have read on the different learning styles. I believe in order to be a successful in any future endeavors. I need to learn to how to use the other two learning styles Visual and Kinesthetic equally well. A Visual learner understands concepts and tasks by watching or seeing a demonstration. It is easier to see a complex spreadsheet or computer program being created. Than listening to step by step audio of the process. Kinesthetic learners understand through the process of doing. Sometimes it is better to actually be touching an object to learn about it, than hearing about an…...

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