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To accomplish and fulfill my desire to be happy in an environment where I can offer my experiences. To learn more as I grow in audit department which is willing to give me a chance to improve and use many other skills that I have and am willing to learn, if given the opportunity.
Motivated, personable business professional with college degree and a successful 8-years track record of operation field in call center. Recently completed CMA-Part one course. Dedicate, energetic and motivated team player seeking a career that would enable me to utilize intoaudit field. Ability to work successfully in averseand experience situations. Innovative problem solver, who thrives on challenges excels under pressure and gets the job done. Bright, confident and responsive individual, who possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve problems and disputes.
Skills Summary
 Audit Skills
 Report Preparation
 Written Correspondence
 General Office Skills  Microsoft Office Skills
 Customer Service
 Scheduling
 Marketing & Sales  Professional Presentations
 Good command of both written & spoken English

Professional Experience
Call Center Supervisor - Senior Specialist Dec.-2010 to Present
 To ensure that the Call Centre agents are providing accurate information on all banking products to customers by using newly adopted tools and techniques, to work on achieving the set sales plan, achieve optimum customer satisfaction Author professional correspondence to customers and vendors.
 Monitor & coach agent’s calls to spot opportunities for any improvement in the service provided.
 Distribute workloads on subordinates, and set action priorities and time for implementation.
 Ensure that agents perform filing and carefully maintain bank data, documents & forms in an efficient and secure manner and according…...

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